Keith Koep
ARM CONNECTED Windows Freescale Marvell
Evaluation Kit i-PAN7

    contact For Trizeps SODIMM 200 CPU-Modules

    Based on Trizeps IV, VI, VII CPU-Modules
    Processor Freescale™ or Marvell® Processor from Single Core 312 MHz to 1.0 GHz up to DualLite 800 MHz
    Compatible CPU-Modules Trizeps IV-M, Trizeps IV-WL, Trizeps VI, Trizeps VII Solo and DualLite
    RAM Memory 64 MByte SDRAM over 256 MByte DDR2 to 2 GByte DDR3-1066, 16/32/64 Bit
    Flash Storage Onboard 8 Bit wide NOR flash / NAND flash 64 MB up to 256 MB,
    onboard 8 Bit wide eMMC with 4GB up to 64GB and
    onboard 4 Bit wide μSD Socket with 4GB up to 32GB Cards
    Display Interfaces 7.0" TFT-Display 800 x 480, Touchscreen LCD resistive and capacitive
    Features 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, USB2.0 OTG, SD/MMC Card Socket, Fingerprint, 3-axis accelerometer, 2.6W stereo speaker output, stereo headphone output, Microphone input, analog video/ camera input, quad-band GSM/GPRS modem, GPS receiver, WLAN F-Antenna, LED, Realtime Clock with Backup Cap
    Wireless Communication Onboard WLAN and Bluetooth modules, IEEE 802.11 b/g and a/b/g/n/e/i/h/d/k/r/w, +18 dBm, 72 Mbps (20 MHz) and up to 150 Mbps (40 MHz), Bluetooth 2.0 & 3.0+ EDR
    Extension Connector IO-Extension connector SMC-B-26 and general interface connector SMC-B-80
    Extension interfaces Power, 8 x +24V-IOs, CAN, FF-UART, UART, USB-Slave, USB-OTG, USB-Host, SDIO, GPIOs, 3x ADCs, Reset, LineIN, stereo Headphone, Ethernet
    General Details
    Display 7.0" TFT-Display 800 x 480 pixel, Touch resistive, capacitive on request
    Board Support Package Windows Embedded CE 5.0, 6.0 R3, Compact 7 (Trizeps IV, VI, VII) /
    Android JB 4.2.2 - 1.1.0 ASOP, Build-via VirtualBox: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (only Trizeps VII)
    Voltage Supply Industrial +12V supply
    Support Level 1: Evaluation-Kit with BSP (binary), basic documentation (Quick-Start-Guide and Support DVD), support on website
    2: phone and email support for 180 days (at office time), basic hardware application notes
    3: advanced hardware application notes, design kit including evaluation board schematics (NDA required)
    Dimensions 209 mm x 94 mm x 90 mm (W x H x D)
    Include i-PAN7, Trizeps CPU-Module, μSD Card, solid bases, power supply
    Availability 2 week delivery time
    Technical modifications reserved, errors excepted