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Keith & Koep GmbH was founded in 1991 as an owner-managed company and as successor company of Keith & Kipp GbR which had been founded 1983 in Wuppertal.


  • Inhouse Production

    Keith & Koep Production Keith & Koep Production

    From Draft to Finished Product without Detours:
    Our specialized production department is one of Keith & Koep's strong points. It is possible, through direct data transfer from the layout computer to the production machine, to produce and test a new development as a prototype, pre-production or small series. New printed circuit boards can be set up within one hour and are available immediately. This saves a detour over an external production company. More than 60.000 electronic units are produced here annually, tested and shipped. Larger series are produced by our reliable partners. The experience we have gathered from our in-house production enables us to document the product qualities and thereby, if necessary, help to optimize the production line at the customers.

  • System Experts

    ARM CPU Modules Experts ARM CPU Modules Experts

    Together with its customers, Keith & Koep realize demanding projects in the area of embedded computer systems. Our specialised skill is a concentrated team of high qualified experts as well as more than 20 years experience in electronic system development, which has proven itself in many successful projects. In regard to the implementation of Windows CE and Compact 7, Keith & Koep is Europe-wide Microsoft's partner with the largest integration volume and also Microsoft Gold-Level-Member. Keith & Koep is one of the leading suppliers in Europe of system integration on ARM-technology based hardware today. Please take a look at our product range and services.