Keith Koep
ARM CONNECTED Windows Freescale Marvell
i-PAN4 / i-PAN5 - Intelligent Touch Panels
All-in-one solution with Freescale i.MX28
SODIMM 200 solution with Freescale i.MX6
i.MX28 Touch Panel info i.MX6 Touch Panel info

Skallierbare PanelPC Lösung Compact industrial PanelPC solutions with separately
   or as assembly units available components

Display Schnittstellen 4,3" or 7,0" Touch LCD Displays, resistive or

Small Hmi Onboard WLAN Module (depending on the version)

Peripheriegeräte CAN Transceiver, RTC, Audio Codec und Ethernet PHY

Schnittstellen Peripherals: direct access via extension
   header and MXM connector

Eval-Kit Designed as low power LiPo solution

Eval-Kit The touch panel devices are also available as
   evaluation kits

Skallierbare PanelPC Lösung High-performance industrial touch panel which
   components are available separately or as
   assembly units

Display Schnittstellen HDMI V1.4, Dual LVDS or Touchscreen LCDs in
   different sizes, resistive or capacitiv

Small Hmi Wireless communication via Trizeps Onboard
   WiFi- and Bluetooth components (optional)

Peripheriegeräte Peripherals: direct access via standard connectors
   and extension header

Schnittstellen CAN, RS485 and SATA II Stecker, 3-Axis 12-bit/8-bit
   digital accelerometer, RTC

Eval-Kit The touch panel device is also available as
   an evaluation kit