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Keith & Koep has the knowledge and the necessary services for a successful development of a product.

Windows Embedded
System development
Produkt development
  • Windows Embedded

    Our speciality: Windows Embedded Integration

    The integration of Windows CE embedded operating system on small computers, PDA's, mobile phones and set top boxes is a huge market in which Keith & Koep demonstrated their abilities already very early. We have the competency to realize your WinCE projects very quick and efficient. We offer an economical and goal-oriented technical knowledge which results from various successfully completed projects. In our opinion, the unsurpassable advantages of Windows CE and Compact 7 are:

    contact An intuitive understanding of the graphic interface

    contact Lasting stability

    contact The excellent real time capabilities

    contact Optimal connectivity

    Of course we are also your contact person for other high quality operating systems.

  • Consulting

    Consulting is our Top Priority. In order to be able to turn our customers' visions into reality, the development work must be coordinated together as early as possible. The more precisely a project is planned, the better will be the quality of the final product. The integrated consulting on all process levels offered by Keith & Koep turns to account. We offer:

    Feasibility studies Feasibility studies: Product planning, system conception, choice of technology, system draft, cost estimate

    Hardware development Hardware development: Electronic systems development, definition of technology and implementation

    System engineering System engineering: Software design and implementation, programming of reliable and real-time systems

    System analyses System analyses: Concept analyses, hardware and software definition

    Production concepts Production concepts: Choice of production method, production tools and product components, introduction of
       quality control concepts

    Product care and support Product care and support: Support concepts for long-term product care and support/service requirements

  • System Development

    We provide the right Connection:

    Development and engineering of hardware and software components are available as individual services or as a project, depending on what the customer prefers. Our specialities (main focus points) are: RISC systems, low-power-design, mobile computing, Linux, OS9, VxWorks, and above all Windows CE integration on ARM and IntelĀ® XScale architectures. We employ our experience regarding technological feasibility, time-to-market estimates and cost frame already in the definition stage of a new product, thereby minimizing development risks already in advance. Comprehensive project and product documentation give comprehensible insight into the development process and guarantee long-term product care. We ensure the success of your serial production. Certification processes, e.g. CE-certification, emission tests, operating system certification (e.g. Microsoft Pocket-PC certification) and special quality assurance processes are part of the project flow as much as are product care and further development which we can provide ourselves if requested.

  • Product Development and Care

    When combining energy-saving RISC technology with modern embedded operating systems, primarily Intel's XScale architecture and Windows CE proved to be particularly effective. Already with the release of StrongARM technology Keith & Koep offered implementation of Windows CE which provided high stability in a variety of applications in high volume products. Our combination of StrongARM and XScale technology with SODIMM modules sets new industry standards. Computer systems thus equipped are comparatively easy to set up and offer excellent stability and connectivity. The systems developed by Keith & Koep are used in many different applications and have been working in industrial environments for decades. For this reason we set the priority to keep all building plans and samples for many years. The know-how is kept for as long as you need it!